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Influence is Inside
Posted 15 February 2018 by Paul Adamson

I think there’s a common misconception about influence, which is influence is all about pushing other people, or it’s all about influencing other people to your way of thinking.

I say that that is a small section of it. I would say influence is really, true influence is, is about influencing yourself and your whole environment around you.

And what I mean by that is now, if you’re listening to this, look around you and please tell me everything that has ever been envisioned or created by a human being. And most of us, I’m sitting here in my office. I can see a computer. That had to happen in somebody’s head first.

That’s influence. They had to come up with this design of this computer. Then that had to onboard the team, the Power Rangers. They had to onboard the team to help them build it, because they can’t just do it themselves. They might see the vision, they might get hold of the vision, but they need the other skill sets in to help them.

Hey, to work together. And of course, it’ll probably be then energy rich. All of them energy rich, rich, rich to actually go through the process of, “Oh, that doesn’t work. Doesn’t matter, carry on. That doesn’t work. Doesn’t matter, carry on. That doesn’t matter … doesn’t work. Carry on.”

To go through that process and that journey to then create the ultimate creation, whatever that is. And I believe that’s true influence.

I believe influence is inside. It’s not external. It’s purely inside. And I believe everybody you ever count on is … you know, that’s all there to teach us a lesson. What that may be, I don’t know. I’ve no idea. However, what I would say to you is, is “Enjoy the journey, wherever that journey might be taking you right now.”

Because the beauty is any one of us, and you, could be one moment away, one decision away from the most incredible opportunity. Because most people, most people quit just before the tipping point. Most people quit before their big opportunity comes. And so I would say is, “Prepare. Be prepared. Stay ready. And have faith that it will come because it will come.”