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Bring your..@#^%&*( to the table!
Posted 22 January 2018 by Paul Adamson

Hi there, Paul Adamson here. Now I thought I’d make you this quick little video because I’m just here walking down the beach!

When people ask me “What’s the one thing that I should bring to the table to get better results and to improve my life and to grow?” And I always say “the one thing, you need to bring one thing to the table. And that one thing is …” And I’ve gone mad. That thing behind me, which is the sun, energy. That’s what you need to bring to the table.

Think about the Sun. The Sun is a burning ball of energy, but it has huge influence over the Earth right?

Think about it, it governs our seasons, it governs when things grow, it governs what you do, what you do in the Winter will be different to what you do in the Summer.

So really what I would say is the one thing that really makes a difference between people who really achieve and really get what they want and really live the life of their dreams, is they bring their energy to the table. Meaning they’re energy rich.

Meaning that they’re in a place where they just have abundant energy. And I think, energy is a choice. That’s how you choose to get up in the morning. It’s what you choose to focus on. All of those things will increase your personal energy because I believe that inside of you, you have locked up abundance of energy, it’s whether or not you choose to release it.

So I hope that video has served you well in some way and wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re well. One life, live it. I’ll speak to you very soon.