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3 Steps to Improve Your Connections
Posted 10 January 2018 by Paul Adamson

People often ask me, Paul, how can I connect better with my customers, with my relationships? And I’ll always say one thing, well connection is incredibly important. It’s really important because ultimately if you’re going to get the results that you want out of life, if you’re going to raise your performance to the next level, you’ve got to understand that there’s no self-made anyone.

You’ve got to built a right team around you. And to build that team around you, you’ve got to be able to connect at a deep level with whoever it is you’re trying to connect to. And I’m talking about genuine connection now. I’m not talking about some surface level kind of techniquey kind of BS. I’m talking about a genuine connection.

How do we do it?

Number one, bring your presence to the table. Presence means you are in the moment fully with them. Here’s the thing. The challenge these days we all have is our smartphones are conditioning us, meaning that we could be engaged with somebody, having a conversation with somebody, and this little thing buzzes in our pocket and the next thing, our attention goes here. We take our eyes off the ball, and how do you think that person feels? How would you feel right now if I was talking to you about the importance of connection, and then suddenly my focus went over here, and oh, I’ll come back to you in a second, and all of that. You just break rapport. So actually being present with somebody is really, really important, meaning that you’re in the moment, in the now with them.

Step two, you’ve got to have an interest in them. Meaning and being enthusiastically interested in them. And again, not just some surface level kind of I’m doing this as a technique. But be interested. How’s their day been? What’s going on in their life right now? How could you maybe help them with any of those challenges that they might have? What’s going great? What’s not going so great? All of those things, by having that enthusiastic interest in them will help build that connection and drive it deeper and build it much stronger.

Third thing, you got to care, meaning you’ve got to really care about them as a individual. Now, if you bring just those three steps forward into your relationships every day, meaning that you’re present with people, you have an enthusiastic interest in them, and you really care about them, what you will do is you will build that connection between you and whoever the person is to be so, so strong.
And ultimately that will lift you up to be the best person that you can. Wherever you are in the world, I hope this video finds you well, and remember, one life, live it, and I look forward to speaking to you very soon.