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3 Steps To Help You Set Your Goals
Posted 30 December 2017 by Paul Adamson

Here is a little 3 step process to help you set your goals for 2018 – Enjoy! One Life…Live it! Paul x

People often ask me, “Paul, why is it critical to set a goal?” Well, the reason is there’s a part of your brain that psychologists would call the RAS, reticular activator system. Now I call this your inner radar. This is just the bit of your brain that decides what you focus on, what you notice, all the opportunities that are passing you every day. So when you set your goal, what you’re actually doing is you’re tuning your mind in to look for those opportunities.

Now of course we’re approaching the end of 2017. 2018 is almost upon us, and I’m sure if you’re like me you’re probably reflecting back on the past year and probably where you want to go in 2018, so here’s the thing. I thought I’d share with you three little tips I have to make sure that you set goals in the right way so you’re more than likely going to realize them.

Okay, so step one, first of all you need to decide exactly what you want, meaning you need to take that goal, whatever the result is you’re looking to achieve, and squeeze it into a sentence and be specific as possible. That’s step one, because that’s going to tune your mind.

Step two, you need to know why you want to achieve that. That’s really important, because between you setting a goal and you realizing a goal and you’re starting out on that journey then there’s a period of time, and that time is called lag time. So when it gets tough along the journey or when you need to take a twist or a turn or a back step, a side step, and a leap and a jump and whatever it is you need to do to get there, that why is what you can go back and reflect on and it’ll give you the drive to push you through.

So that’s step two, and that’s really important, because we live in an age these days of instant gratification. Our phones are conditioning us. If I want to know the answer to any question that the human race has ever asked I just go to this little thing called Google, type it in, and I know it. Now the truth is is that when you set a goal and you realize a goal you’ve got to grow. You’ve got to become more and you’ve got to grow to the person you need to be to realize whatever that goal is.
That’s the challenge these days, because people want everything now. They want it at the click of their fingers. They set the goal, they expect it now, and that’s just not how it works. That’s step two. It’s really important to know your why.

Step three then is you need a map. You need to navigate yourself there. That starts with you need to know where you are, where you want to go, and that’s your goal. Then the map, what I call massive action plan, is all the action points you need to guide you along your way. Once you do those three steps, so decide what you want, know your why, and then build your map, it is more than likely you will realize your goals.

So here’s wishing you a really Happy New Year.

I hope that this video has served you some way. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re well. Remember one life, live it. Happy New Year for 2018.